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Shaping the Future of Wireless Network Assurance for Private 5G/LTE Networks

Unlock the full potential of private LTE/5G networks with Sensorz's advanced AI-powered network assurance solution for optimal network performance, complete wireless visibility, and wireless spectrum threats detection.

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what is sensorz?

Persistent and real-time spectrum interference detection, obstruction identification, jammer tracking, rogue base station discovery and overall performance monitoring for assurance of optimal performance of private 4G(LTE)/5G wireless networks

Use Cases

Sensorz is into network assurance by maintaining mission-critical levels of 5G connectivity in private LTE/5G networks and finds its application across various industries.

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Spectrum Monitoring for Private LTE/5G Network Performance 

Experience unparalleled reliability with real-time visibility into 5G spectrum utilization and performance. Leverage capabilities for smart factory needs - keeping 5G networks with stable coverage, ultra-low latency, robust computational power, and fast downlink and uplink data rates for optimal 5G connectivity.
With advanced machine learning algorithms, Sensorz detects and predicts anomalies in spectrum usage, enabling granular spectrum monitoring and analysis.

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Securing Private LTE/5G network

Secure 5G networks with rapid threat detection, response, and mitigation by providing real-time visibility into 5G spectrum utilization and anomalies. Operators can identify and respond to potential cyberattacks quickly. Sensorz also leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and predict malicious activity in 5G networks, with self-learning mechanisms, and accelerates threat detection and response time.

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Regression testing in Private LTE/5G network 

Revitalize your network's performance. Ensure optimal 5G security and network performance by performing regression testing when making changes to the 5G network as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

Re-run both functional and non-functional tests to confirm your updates uphold 5G excellence and can stay on top of Service Level Agreements like ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC), enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), and massive machine-type communications (mMTC).

Our Mission

Empowering enterprises to secure and manage their private LTE/5G networks confidently, ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability. 

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