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In today's wireless-driven world, businesses face an ever-increasing risk of disruptions caused by spectrum congestion, RF interference, and wireless cyber threats.
Established in 2022, Sensorz is a pioneering force revolutionizing the landscape of wireless technology. With offices strategically located in Israel and Singapore, we stand at the forefront of innovation in enhancing and securing 5G Networks.
Sensorz, the world's first Wireless Observability Platform (WOP), provides a comprehensive SaaS solution that safeguards your wireless networks with AI-powered continuous spectrum monitoring, detection, and classification of cross-technology interferences and wireless threat intelligence.
Mission Statement
We are committed to pioneering innovative 5G spectrum monitoring and optimization solutions in a world increasingly reliant on seamless and secure connectivity. Through our cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication, we safeguard networks from anomalies and threats, help improve performance, ensure uninterrupted operations, and foster a resilient, connected future. 
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Meir Friedland


Meir is a world expert on wireless offensive and defensive techniques. Prior to Sensorz he held senior technical positions with cyber companies Elbit Systems and CyberBit. Meir also served as an officer with the Israeli Airforce.

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Ziv Nuss


Ziv is a seasoned technology expert, innovator and a business-oriented professional in Cellular Networks, IoT, Cyber-security and Industrial domains. Before co-founding sensorz, Ziv served as a cyber director with Deutsche Bahn. Before that he served at Cisco’s CTO office after Intucell, where he served as CTO was acquired by Cisco.

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Menji Pagao


Menji is an experienced sales and business executive. Before Sensorz, Menji worked with various startups on growing their sales in the telco industry in the FE region. Before that, Menji held senior sales position with 3Com growing revenue from $10M to $500M.

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