Wireless Observability Platform (WOP) for Private 5G/LTE Networks

Private 5G/LTE networks herald an exciting new era of possibilities. While these networks offer great potential, 5G has unique spectrum complexity and security challenges.
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Gain Network Awareness

Being network aware helps identify network issues and bottlenecks and take proactive steps to ensure consistent 5G performance and reliability.

Anomalies & Threat Alerts

Leverage timely alerts through anomaly and threat classification to optimize 5G network performance and security proactively.

Secure Networks

Gain real-time insights into potential security threats and malicious activities in networks and mitigate risks before they disrupt operations.

Maximize the potential of your Private LTE/5G Networks by improving network performance and reliability for increased productivity. Detect network interferences and congestion and eliminate bottlenecks. Identify rogue base stations and jammers and take steps to deactivate them. Ensure mission-critical applications always have high-performance and secure networks. 
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Sensorz Wireless Observability Platform provides Network Assurance.


Gain Control over Dynamic 5G Spectrum Changes

5G networks are dynamic and use higher frequency bands, which are more susceptible to interference from buildings, trees, and other obstacles. Sensorz offers continuous and persistent monitoring that helps identify interferences, obstacles, and potential bottlenecks for easy remediation so you have reliable, high-performance networks.


Secure 5G Networks and increased threat landscape

5G networks have a more complex and decentralized architecture, creating a larger surface for cyber attacks. Sensorz helps identify potential threats like jammers and rogue base stations that allow you to mitigate the risks in your 5G networks.


Reduce operational costs

By automating the detection and resolution of 5G spectrum-related issues, Sensorz can help organizations reduce their operating costs associated with network management.

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