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Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis 

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Private 5G networks are humming with potential, delivering hyper-fast connectivity and unlocking transformative possibilities for your industry. But lurking beneath the surface, potential spectrum challenges and hidden security threats could silently impact performance and jeopardize your operations.  Sensorz enables in-depth visibility into the private 5G networks with innovative capabilities to identify network issues in real-time and forensic analysis to help prevent potential issues.
Why is Private 5G Spectrum Monitoring Crucial? 
Private 5G spectrum monitoring is critical in ensuring network integrity and security. With the increasing adoption of 5G in private and sensitive environments, robust monitoring becomes imperative to identify performance issues, thwart potential threats, and maintain seamless operations. 5G spectrum issues can lead to business impacts ranging from slower data speeds to increased latency and dropped connections. 
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Monitoring 5G spectrums is critical due to a few reasons:  



5G High-frequency bands are limited and heavily contested by existing technologies like Wi-Fi/4G, leading to congestion and potential performance issues. 


Propagation Complexity

5G signals struggle with obstacles like buildings and foliage, resulting in uneven coverage and coverage gaps, especially in dense urban areas.


Dynamic Demand

5G usage patterns are highly dynamic, fluctuating demands across different areas and times. Static spectrum allocation struggles to adapt to these fluctuations, leading to inefficient utilization.


Security Concerns

The wider attack surface created by new infrastructure and complex network configurations demands robust security measures and constant vigilance against potential threats.


Regulatory Compliance

5G spectrum usage is subject to strict regulations, and failure to comply can result in hefty fines and operational disruptions.


Lack of forensics

The lack of 5G spectrum forensics capabilities exposes businesses to many challenges, jeopardizing their security, operational efficiency, and overall success.

Gain Improved network performance and reliability. 

Sensorz, with its 5G network spectrum analysis, has become a powerful tool for organizations to pinpoint the source of private 5G network issues, strengthen the evidence, and significantly provide crucial insights into network activity. It enhances efficiency by analyzing past incident patterns with comprehensive spectrum data, leading to continual improvement in investigative capabilities.

Sensorz offers granular insights on private 5G network performance with in-depth real-time visibility of network performance through spectrum monitoring, and forensic capabilities to help deliver high-performance 5G networks.


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